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REALTOR® Action Fund & the Funds Supporting YOU!


California's Housing Crisis is affecting more than just prices... it's our Quality of Life.

The real estate industry faces challenges from every direction in California, and we you an help be a part of the solution by supporting the Voluntary Funds supporting you.


Each year from city hall to congress the real estate industry faces increasing regulations every single year.  Trying to education the public and politicians why they need to protect your industry requires a team approach, and we need you on the team.

The California Association of REALTORS® created REALTOR® Action Fund (“RAF”) to support or oppose candidates and issues that affect the housing industry.

RAF is funded by individual REALTOR® contributions. Click Here to contribute today!

Greater Los Angeles REALTORS® utilizes the local RAF funds to support City Council candidates in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Culver City, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles County, and support or oppose policy issues presented to the voters.

This year, through efforts supported by the REALTOR Action Fund, you've been protected from:

  • Losing the Independent Contractor Status when the legislature passed AB 5 - impacting almost every industry - but REALTOR(R) Independent Contractor Status was protected.
  • Increased Taxes on every property with no oversight is what LAUSD Proposed with Measure EE - REALTORS(R) were led the charge to require better solutions that guarantee the money raised is spent appropriately
  • Extended the National Flood Insurance Program which threatens timely closings when the program is not renewed by Congress

Support your industry from these government intrusions - Support RAF.

Housing Affordability Fund

November, 2002, CALIFORNIA REALTORS® unveiled the Housing Affordability Fund, a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to addressing California’s growing housing affordability crisis. In the midst of skyrocketing housing costs, REALTORS® were bearing witness to more working families getting pushed away from the American dream of homeownership. The Housing Affordability Fund was established to provide more options for first time home-buyers entry into homeownership.

Disaster Relief Housing Grant

California REALTORS® housing assistance grants are no longer available.

REALTORS® Energy Audit Program

Take advantage of a financial and environmental reward on your clients new home with C.A.R.'s REALTOR®'S Energy Audit Program. The California REALTORS ® Energy Audit Program provides up to a $250 rebate on a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) home energy audit conducted by a certified HERS rater.

If you have any questions please contact Julissa Gómez at (213) 739-8380 or email her at [email protected]

GLAR Charitable Foundation

GLAR supports local charities each year including:



REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF**): REALTORS®, and REALTOR-ASSOCIATES® may also participate in RAF by including an additional voluntary contribution on the same check as your dues and assessment payment. Forty-nine dollars ($49) is the suggested additional voluntary contribution but you may give more, or less, or nothing at all. No member will be favored or disfavored by reason of the amount of his/her contribution or his/ her decision not to contribute. Contributions to the REALTOR® Action Fund will be allocated among C.A.R.’s political action committees (CREPAC, CREIEC, and CREPAC/Federal) according to a formula approved by C.A.R. depending on whether it is a personal or corporate contribution. The allocation formula is subject to change including re-designating a portion to IMPAC and ALF. Failure to contribute to RAF will not affect an individual’s membership status in C.A.R.

CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS to C.A.R.’s PACs are permissible and may be used for contributions to state or local candidates or for independent expenditures to support or oppose federal, state, or local candidates. However, current C.A.R. practice is to deposit all corporate contributions into CREPAC, CREIEC, IMPAC and possibly ALF in an allocation to be determined by C.A.R. A corporate contribution includes any contribution drawn from a corporate account.

PERSONAL CONTRIBUTIONS to C.A.R.’s PACs may be used for both state and federal elections and therefore may be deposited into CREPAC/ Federal in addition to all other C.A.R. political action committees. Up to $200 of a REALTOR® Action Fund contribution will be divided between CREPAC/Federal and CREPAC, CREIEC, IMPAC and possibly ALF in an allocation to be determined by C.A.R. Any amount above $200, up to applicable legal limits, will be allocated to CREPAC/Federal.

If you are a California major donor and need specific information regarding your contributions, please contact the C.A.R. Controller’s office at (213) 739-8252. Contributions in excess of the contribution limits will be reallocated to another PAC connected with C.A.R. Under the Federal Election Campaign Act, an individual may contribute up to $5,000 in a calendar year to CREPAC/Federal.

Political contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal and state income tax purposes.


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